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How Much Would It Cost To Build A 16x16 Bedroom



for our project of temporary houses in Abruzzo we thought of building shape simple, as implemented in precast and once spent their use can be "transported" to another place, but at the same time are comfortable for families who will use it.
The units are eight, all in the same rectangular form.
They are single level and rectangular, the same for each apartment, all the buildings of each are: living room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and one single bedroom.
Below are the first sketches of possible floor plan of each core housing provision.

Then we tried to combine these units so that there can be relations between the families who live there, so as to guarantee every family a space for the storage facilities.
The arrangement of the various residential areas shown below provides maximum privacy for the various families, but closes lapossibilità to have and enjoy the open spaces covered by the community.

why we changed the provision of providing storage space by releasing four large porches.
of this provision is to create the interior that can be accessed by all households but despite internal aggregation allow direct communication with the outside thanks precisely to the large porches and not just the stairwell on the ground floor is open .

The final project has two different sizes of accommodation. Upstairs are the 4 smaller housing units, of 90 square meters, while the ground floor the accommodation of 96mq.

Also, as you can see from below, the final draft, have been moved and resized the space craft stores housing.

The housing plan is on the upper floors of the type shown below. The plant has, as delivery, two bedrooms, one double bedroom, bathroom, living room and a kitchen addition, the particular shape of the space enables users to have a hallway in front of two single rooms, which you can assign a kind of study, library or whatever.

The size of the "rectangle housing" was derived from the combination of 5 prefabricated panels for the construction of floors, size 6m x 3m. All the rooms are well lit and ventilated, with the exception of the bathroom that will install a forced ventilation system.
This type of accommodation also has a balcony, accessible from the corridor, which depending on the layout of the plant is facing the garden (in the first image) or out (in the second image) the residential complex.

Downstairs the accommodation of larger 6mq. They are also equipped with two bedrooms, one double bedroom, bathroom, living room and a kitchen and have a difference of more than a closet accommodation alps.

All the rooms are adequately ventilated and lighted except for the closet.

In this quagmire can also be observed the 2 stores of 20 square meters only accessible from the outside. A warehouse will benefit from the host to the first floor, while the second store will benefit from the host that is above.
Below are the two distribution systems of the houses on the ground floor, which differ from each other for the position of the entrance door and windows of the living area, this to ensure that input is always carried out from the porch.

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